The Family Farms

Leonard Limousin & Angus operates from family farms just north of Holstein, Iowa.

Pistol Pete On Duty

Leonard Limousin Herd Sire Pete Pistol at work during the summer of 2009. Pistol Pete is homozygous polled with very good feet and legs and explosive growth. We have a large group of Pistol Pete sons available for your appraisal.

Limousin Cows

ABOVE: Cows graze on pasture in June 2008. The golden red cow to the right is 15 years old, a granddaughter of Leonard Limousin's matriarch Jr. Miss, daughter of the great Sooner Jr.

The Bill & Gloria Leonard Home Limousin Cow

LEFT: The Bill and Gloria Leonard home, built in 1912, serves as headquarters for Leonard Limousin & Angus.
This purebred Limousin cow is medium-framed, easy-keeping, docile, deep bodied and a terrific mama, all traits that typify Leonard Limousin females.

The Mark & Sheryl Leonard Home

Bill & Mark Leonard

ABOVE: The Mark and Sheryl Leonard farm lies just west of the home place. New cow/calf pairs are moved onto grass here shortly after calving.
Father and son Bill and Mark discuss nutritional requirements and spring pasture availability for the cow herd.
The amazing Jr. Miss, pictured at 15 years of age. Her genetics laid the foundation for our cow herd: performance, function, predictability and form.
BELOW RIGHT:  LLR Miss Ember, one of hundreds of descendants of the peerless Jr. Miss.

BOTTOM: Leonard Limousin bulls are kept in runs at the home place in the off-season. Pairs are turned out on grass in the spring.

Limousin Cow Cow-Calf Pair
Limousin Cow Cow-Calf Pair
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