Through the Years

We've all grown and learned a lot since we got into the Limousin business in 1969. Our lives have revolved around the cattle business for as long as we can remember. We invite you to browse the photos of the family, the farm and the cattle through the years.


Home of Farmer Leonard

This was the year we got started in the Limousin business. It was 1969 and Dad bought our first ampules of Decor semen that spring. Pictured are Bill, Gloria, Billee, Mark, Lori and Ringo.

Mr. Texas and Friends

Tex was our first fullblood Limousin bull and he'll always have a special place in our hearts. He's pictured here with Dad and Mark in 1980.

The Home Place

The Bill and Gloria Leonard home, built in 1912, after a January blizzard. Leonard Limousin was established here in 1969.

Angel Lace

The weatherman calls it frozen fog, but we call it "Angel Lace." Northwest Iowa winters can be harsh, but days like this remind us how blessed we truly are.

The Queen Legacy

Two generations of Leonard girls have represented the beef industry as queens. Lori represented the Limousin breed as National Queen in 1980, shown here giving her acceptance speech at her crowning in Houston.


Lori represented the Limousin breed as National Queen in 1980 and Iowa Queen in 1979.


Sheryl served as Iowa Angus Queen and Ida County Beef Queen in 1979.


Emily was crowned Iowa Limousin Queen in 1996.


Erin represented the Limousin breed as Iowa Queen in 1997.


Ember served as Iowa Limousin Queen in 1999.


Denae represented the Angus breed as Iowa Princess in 2004.

Newborn Emily

This is Emily, born in 1979, pictured with Aunt Lori's sash and crown. We had a hunch she'd grow up to be a Limousin Queen herself, and sure enough she did!

Young Cowboy and Cowgirl

Mark and Lori in 1967.

Older Cowboy and Cowgirl in 1979

Mark served on the North American Limousin Junior Association (NALJA) board 1973-1976 as president and as secretary. He was instrumental in organizing the first-ever National Jr. Heifer Show, held in Des Moines in 1976. In addition to her duties at National and Iowa queen, Lori also served on the NALJA board as an officer.

Promotion was Queen's No. 1 Duty

Lori works the Limousin booth at the Iowa State Fair. A girl in a cowboy hat, crown and sash tends to draw attention and every time someone would stop to ask about the crown, it was another opportunity to tell people about Limousin cattle.

Leonard Limousin Auctions at the Farm

At one of our cattle sales on the farm in the 1980s. Those sales were a lot of fun, but we sell everything private treaty now to give folks more time and more information to make the best-possible decisions about the genetics they're adding to their herds.

Billee (Leonard) and Reas Madsen

They moved to the big city - Denver - in the '70s, but they took the cowboy gene along with them!

Grandpa Takes Grandkids for a Ride

The horse was in a bad mood when Jen and Amanda were visiting the farm one year, so Grandpa Bill improvised and hitched the buckboard to the lawn mower.

Dally Up

Mark dilly "dallying" while waiting for a bull buyer.

Cowboy Austin

A cowboy like his dad, this is Austin a few years, and a few feet, back. He's 6'4" now and studying for his master's in Construction Management.

Bill and Gloria

Mom and Dad are shown here at the farm in 1991.

Bill and Gloria Leonard

Mom and Dad pictured at the farm in 1980.

Breeding Up

We were breeding up our herd in the 1970s, A.I.'ing our Hereford, Angus and Charolais cows to the highest-performance Limousin bulls we could find. We had pairs like this - halfblood cow by Edmond with Mr. Texas calf - in our pastures and it was a time of anticipation and excitement. A lot of days in the '70s felt like Christmas morning.

Polled Hawkeye

Our Polled Hawkeye was the highest performance polled Limousin bull in the breed at the time. We used him extensively 1980-1986 and sold semen into 35 states and five foreign countries. He was the first polled bull to top the sire summary for yearling weight. We used him successfully on first-calf heifers and his daugthers produced some of our highest-selling calves in the '80s.

LLR Miss Perfection

Lori is at the halter of LLR Miss Perfection, a champion at the 1983 Iowa Beef Expo, with Bill at left holding the trophy. Perfection is a daughter of Jr. Miss and Black Mercedes. We all talk about those "once-in-a-lifetime" individuals and with Jr. Miss and Perfection we were fortunate to have twice-in-a-lifetime females. Their descendants make up the core of our herd.

Pen of Three in Denver 1980

Mark with one of our pens in Denver, along with Bob Gibbs and Blake Roepke.

JR. calves at Stock Show

Mark with a pen of bulls out of the great Sooner JR., in the yards at the Denver Stock Show.

Governor's Celebrity Steer Show

Lori was invited to participate in the 1986 Celebrity Charity Steer Show at the Iowa State Fair. Iowa Public Television ran footage of Lori and T-Bone for years promoting the Iowa State Fair.

Cover Girl (and Dad)

Mark and eldest daughter, Emily, were photographed at a show that made the cover of the magazine in 1991.

Mark and Sheryl Leonard Family

Family portrait of Mark and Sheryl, Emily, Erin, Ember, Denae and Austin in 1993.

Mark and LLR Miss Radiant

Miss Radiant is a daughter of Energizer and High Octane Miss. We also showed two of her flush mates and won champion bull, champion get of sire and champion produce of dam.

Bill and Mark

Father and son talk things over in 2004.

Bill with Bronze Steers in Dallas

Dad walks down the hill at the Pioneer Plaza Cattle Drive in Dallas in 2008.

The Head Cowboy and His Bride

Mom and Dad on the porch on a summer night in 2008.

Happy Cows, and a Very Happy Bull

Part of the cow herd grazes at Mark and Sheryl's during summer 2010. This photo made the cover of American Cattleman magazine that year.

The Gateway

This old wooden gateway has welcomed countless friends over four decades, and counting, who have come to appraise our Limousin cattle. You are always welcome at Leonard Limousin & Angus.

Pouring Cement on 11-11-11

Mark, Gloria and Lori (and Sammy too) making handprints in the newly poured cement on a memorable date.

Helping with Chores

Nana Sheryl and Olivia lending a hand feeding the bulls.

You Wanna Piece o' Me?

The calves having fun on the summer playground.

Summer Spiff Up

The barns get a fresh coat of paint in 2012.

Dinner Time

Josie bottle feeds her calf.

Calder and Papa

Mark shows grandson Calder the yearling bull pen.

Made in the Shade

It was a warm, sunny day, but this little guy knew just how to handle it.

Great-Grandma's Birthday Party

Mom celebrates her 81st birthday with seven of 11 great-grandchildren (now 12!) and one grand-dog in June 2012.